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Development of a new qualification examination

We are planning to develop a qualification examination for IT service management engineers and information security engineers to satisfy new demands, strengthen the talents selection work in the field of information security and service management, and further China's information course.

Network-based paper marking system

All exam papers will be gathered together to be scanned and divided . The divided papers will be sent to their appropriate center. The center will assign three graders for each test question using a local area network or the internet. The system will automatically generate the final mark for each test question based on the average of the graders' score.

Data processing center

We are working towards building a national examination data processing center. After gathering all the grades from the paper grading centers, the grades and data will be analyzed . The data will be combined with the candidates' information databases. Data mining tools will be used to generate different analysis reports. Reports will provide the scientific basis for teaching reform and talent cultivation. This will improve the effectiveness of the examination as well as drafting human resources development plans or policies for relevant departments. Candidates who pass the exam will have their information stored in the database for inquiry and for prospective employers.